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I enjoy my visits to EXP, a video game themed bar in downtown Vancouver. On one such visit, I popped open my phone to check their website and was surprised to find it was not mobile friendly. As part of a personal project I set out to create a modern variation of their website.

Developing a user-first online menu that also satisfied the long-term goals of EXP as a business was the largest challenge. Users who visit the site are most likely going to want to see a menu, but EXP is also home to many board games and video game themed events. EXP's board games are part of what makes visits a fun, unique group experience; it's events are often a reason for guests to frequent the restaurant.

Board games required their own highlight section on the homepage, and being able to see what board games were available in detail would be fantastic for group visits! EXP's events are hosted through Facebook, so I utilized Facebook's API to request the public events and embed them in the page, allowing EXP to continue managing events through their social media. Home Page Screenshot
Screenshot of the homepage Menu Page Screenshot
Screenshot of the specials menu page

Lets create something great together!