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GLayout - Garry's Mod HUD Library

Garry's Mod (GMod) is a video game for the PC, released in 2007. The game is highly moddable, utilizing the Lua scripting language to deliver everything from small additions to custom gamemodes and allowing players to invent their own way to play. One of the many parts of GMod that can be customized is the Heads Up Display (HUD), which displays a UI with information about the players current state, as well as interactable menus.

I built GLayout, a Lua script of object orientated componenets that could be used to structure the HUD into an evenly spaced grid. I based GLayout off of the 12 column grid and tools such as Twitter Bootstrap, and allowed users to customize the number of columns in a grid as well as simplifying the process of displaying the content on the screen.

A live video demonstration of GLayout:

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