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Loen and Company WordPress Theme

Forge and Smith is a growing Web Development company. Their focus is to deliver fully customizable Wordpress websites to businesses around the Greater Vancouver area. At Forge I was part of their developer team. I spent most of my time developing solutions to client problems such as bug fixes or feature requests. I also spent time developing Wordpress templates for our clients. Unfortunately, Forge and Smith found itself without enough work to need my employment upon the end of the year, and had to let me go. My employer, Shawn Johnson, has made himself an available reference via his contact email or over their office phone at 778 653 0392.

During my time at Forge and Smith I was tasked with the development of a full WordPress website for the client Loen & Company. I put my best foot forward in crafting the site with our companies toolbox of WordPress, Advanced Custom Fields and some in-house utilities. The website is fully customizable using WordPress' familiar interface. It should be noted that I was only responsible for the development of this website, and multiple individuals had a hand in the design process before it was handed off to me.'s Home Page Screenshot
Loen & Company's homepage's Services Page Screenshot
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Loen & Company's contact page

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