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Timecard Generator - Sage300

Sage 300 is an all-in-one business software solution for managing currencies. While Sage 300 provides a lot of great tools for accountants to make the most out of their time, one of the area's it failed was data entry during employee pay periods. Every week, each individual employee would have to have their individual hours entered, day-by-day, into Sage 300 for processing. While this isn't inherently evil, it can be a significant time loss of a monotonous task.

Sage 300, funnily enough, provides a method of importing Excel Spreadsheets into their system to automatically process pay periods. It doesn't, however, provide an easy method for converting an spreadsheet of employee hours into an importable sheet. I built the Sage300 Timecard Generator to aleviate this problem for Purity Feed, a small farm and garden supply company in the lower mainland of BC.

Sage300 Timecard Generator is a python powered application that accepts an Employee Hours Worked timesheet and generates a Sage300 importable pay period spreadsheet. At Purity, this alleviated up to 4 hours every week for their accountant.

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